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Stuart Phethean, Hampshire, UK

Brief chronology of the Phethean mill at Moses Gate, Farnworth

I have carried out an examination of various old Ordnance Survey maps and archive material and have deduced this early chronology of the mills at Moses Gate:

1850 – no mills at all except for one in the triangle between Bolton
Road, Egerton St and Gladstone Road

1884 ” A fire of alarming proportions broke out at two o’clock on Saturday morning at the mill of Messrs. Phethean & Sons, Farnworth near Bolton. The fire broke out in the storeroom, which had £10,000 worth of stock in it. This room was gutted, also the spinning room, but the rest of the premises were saved. Fifty spinners are thrown out of work, and damage 0f £20,000 was caused”
Liverpool Mercury, Monday, October 6, 1884; Issue 11462

1891 Egerton Mill standing – located between Egerton St and Thynne St;
un-named mill between Thynne St and Cambell St (Phethean’s Mill?)

1893 as above

1909 Egerton mill seems to have been rebuilt slightly to the west; is now between Phethean St and Thynne St. Phethean St and Thorne St seem to have been built over the site of the older mill (or part of it).

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John Phethean & Co Ltd

Extracts from the Company documents of John Phethean and Company Limited – Part 1

Memorandum of Association of John Phethean and Company Limited.

3 Nov 1885


(3a)To carry on the business of Spinner, Doublers and manufacturers of cotton or other fibrous materials et etc and of buying and selling cotton or other materials and yarn or cloth or other manufactured articles.

(3b) To purchase on such terms and conditions as may be arranged all or any part of the assets and liabilities of any Company, firm, or person engaged in any business within the objects of this Company and in particular to purchase and undertake the business now carried on by the Trustees under the Will of the late Josiah Phethean, trading at Farnworth and Manchester both in the County of Lancaster, As “ John Phethean & Co., “ as Spinners, Doublers and Manufacturers and all or in any part of the property and liabilities of the said Firm in connection therewith.

We the persons whose names and addresses are submitted are desirous of being formed into a Company in pursuance of this Memorandum of Association and we respectively agree to take the number of shares in the Capital of the Company set opposite to our respective names. Dated third day of November 1885:

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What happened to John Phethean & Co. Ltd.?

I am working through the last years of John Phethean & Co Ltd from documents at the National Archives, which I am gradually adding to this site.

This is what happened to the company post 1924:

1924 Offices: 30, George Street, Manchester; Cawdor Street, Farnworth, near Bolton. Spinners and manufacturers of Alhambra, honeycomb, tapestry, Grecian fancy quilts and honeycomb, toilet covers, plain and raised sheets, cotton blankets and blanketings.
Spinners at New Mills, near Stockport.
Bleach Works: Birch Vale, near Stockport.
Mills: Farnworth, near Bolton.

1929 Joined 6 other manufacturers to form the Quilt Manufacturers company, which became part of Vantona Textiles. The Quilt Manufacturers company was incorporated to acquire and amalgamate 7 of the leading companies in quilts, bedspreads, covers, etc :

Jabez Johnson, Hodgkinson and Pearson Ltd incorporating George Mort and Co
Jonathan Dearden and Co, owners of James Lomas Ltd
T. Taylor Ltd
James Kippax and Son Ltd
John Phethean and Co Ltd
Henry Bond and Co Ltd
Eccles Quilts Ltd

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