19th Century News snippets

Bolton Evening News, Saturday 28 May 1870

Salford Intermediate Sessions. — At the sessions yesterday – Joseph Lee, 20, factory operative, for entering at Breightmet on the 25th April, the dwelling house of Josiah Phethean and stealing a watch and money.

Bolton Evening News, Monday February 15, 1875

Daring Attempt at Housebreaking at Great Lever. –On Saturday night between 6:30 and 7 o’clock man who refuses to give his name made a daring attempt to enter the house of Mr Josiah Phethean, manufacturer,  Manchester Road Great Lever.  The man having climbed the door porch was observed in the act of preparing to operate on a bedroom window when he was observed by the milk boy, who giving an alarm caused Mr Phethean, his son and others to come speedily on the scene.  The man dropped down to the ground and attempted to make his escape by “tupping”  Mr Phethean’s son with his head but the young gentleman was too alert to be deceived in that fashion and whilst the man had his head bent he seized him by the neck and held him until he was properly secured. Police Sgt Grimshaw and Police constable Ryder were promptly on the scene and on searching the man they found upon him an implement for opening window catches and also a life preserver (a small stick having lead at the end).   The man begged much of Mr Phethean to be let go, saying he had only been after a pigeon, and was respectably connected, but his pleadings were in vain.

From second edition:

Attempted housebreaking at Great Lever.– At the County Sessions, to-day, a man was charged with having on Saturday night last attempted to break in to the house of Mr Josiah Phethean, Manchester road, Great Lever. Robert Dalton, a milk boy, deposed to seeing the prisoner climbing on the door porch at Mr Phethean’s house. He gave the alarm – Mr john Phethean, son of Mr Josiah Phethean stated that he apprehended the man when he alighted on the ground from the porch, and kept him in custody until Police-constable Ryder arrived. Police constable Ryder said he had examined the prisoner and found upon him a pallet knife, a screw driver and a box of matches. The prisoner having nothing to say in defence was committed to prison for eight days.

The Bury Times, Saturday July 7, 1877

Killed by Lightning.– A severe thunderstorm passed over Hulton, near Bolton, last evening. Whilst a man named John Phethean, collier, aged 33, was sheltering underneath a tree, he was struck by the electric fluid and killed. one side of his clothes from the shoulder to the feet was ripped open, and one of his clogs was split

Lancashire Evening Post, Thursday June 4 1891

Terrible Mill Fatality.– Last night, Charles Smith. 53, employed at the Farnworth Cotton Manufactory of Messrs. Phethean, and residing at Mosesgate, died as a result of a terrible accident. He was putting on a strap when he became so firmly entangled inn the gearing that his leg was twisted off. He was conveyed to the Infirmary, where death put an end to his sufferings in a few hours.

Manchester Courier and Lancashire General Advertiser, Saturday December 15 1894

Settlement of the weavers’ strike at Farnworth.– work was resumed at Messrs. Phethean’s mill, Farnworth, near Bolton, after a three weeks’ stoppage. the weavers, numbering several hundred struck against the proposed reduction in wages. As a result of negotiations with the Weavers’ Association, the firm have promised to pay Bolton standard rate of wages in the future.

Manchester evening News, Monday November 25 1895

Conviction of a Sunday School Superintendent.– William Horrocks, superintendent of a Farnworth Wesleyan school and conductor of the Wesleyan Mission Brass Band, was this morning sentenced by the Bolton county justices to three months’ hard labour for stealing goods to the value of £22 from his employers, Messrs. J Phethean and Co., manufacturers, Farnworth. Several ministers gave the prisoner an excellent character up to the date of the offence.

To be continued………

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