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New Phethean DNA Project

A new Y-DNA surname project has been set up in conjunction with Family Tree DNA. If your surname is, or is similar to those listed below then you are welcome to participate. Registering to become a member of the project will enable you get a discount compared to the prices charged to the general public. You must be male in order to participate in this project since Y-DNA is only passed from male to male.

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Surnames of interest

Fethion, Fethyan, Fethyon, Fhithyan, Fithan, Fithean, Fitheion, Fitheon, Fithian, Fithion, Fithyan, Fithyon, Fitton, Fytheone, Fythian, Pheathean, Pheathian, Phethean, Phethein, Phetheon, Phethian, Phethion, Phithean, Phitheon, Phithian, Phithion, Phithyan, Phythean, Phytheon, Phythian, Phythion, Phythyan.


Variants of the Phethean surname

I have come across the names in bold within a few miles of each other in Cheshire:

fathon, feithyon, fethion, fethyan, fethyon, fhithyan, fithan, fithean, fithein, fitheion, fithen, fitheon, fithian, fithians, fithien, fithin, fithins, fithiohn, fithion, fithon, fithyan, fithyon, fythen, fytheone, fythian, phathain, phathian, pheathean, pheathian, pheaton, pheteon, phethean, phethein, phethen, phetheon, phethian, phethion, phithan, phithean, phitheon, phithian, phithion, phithyan, phitian, phitin, phition, phittheon, phitthian, phitthion, phothean, phythean, phythen, phytheon, phythian, phythians, phythion, phythions, phythyan, phythyen, phytion, phyton, pithyon, pytheone

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Trial of John Phetheon – transported 14 years, 1840

I’m trying to accumulate documentary evidence John Phetheon’s life. I have documents showing when and where is was transported (Tasmania) and that he received a free pardon after 7 years. John may have returned to England briefly but then went back to Hobart along with wife Susan and possible two children in 1849. I have other circumstantial evidence confirming that his wife was called Susan, and also a record of a marriage between a John Phetheon and one Susan Burt in Lambeth, 1839.

The trial is described below :

From:  Henry Buckler; Central Criminal Court.  Minutes Of Evidence,  Vol X11; Session VII to Session XII; George Herbert, Cheapside, London, 1840

2038. JOHN PHETHEON was indicted for stealing, on the 26th of February, at St. George, Hanover-square, 4 salt-cellars, value 41; 6 ladles, value 1/. 5s.; 18 forks, value 91.; and 6 spoons, value 11.; the goods of Thomas Robert Baron Hay, his master, in his dwelling-house :— 2nd Count, stating it to be the property of the Earl of Kinnoull, in Scotland.
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