Family History

A second family line was recorded by Florrie Phethean of one “Joseph Phethean of Dunham” (d1774), reputedly a cousin of Josiah Phethean of Dunham Massey (1671-1741). This Joseph held estates in Cheshire and Staffordshire. A will is noted as being present at the Cheshire Record Office although there is no evidence that it was ever viewed (and assumptions were made that would not have been made if the will had been seen!). Joseph is reputed to have had sons Josiah, Joseph and daughters Henrietta and Elizabeth. No further information was known about this branch of the family.

There is immediate confusion here as we already have two “Joseph of Dunham” characters. See Figure 1 for details of these two families.

In the next section the name “Joseph of Dunham” will be used to describe exclusively the person above recorded by Florrie Phethean as having died in 1774 and “Josiah of Dunham” to describe Josiah (1671-1741), servant to the 2nd Earl of Warrington at Dunham Massey House, who’s gravestone is located in Bowdon churchyard.

Figure 1: Josiah of Dunham Massey and Joseph Phethean of Dunham (from Florrie Phethean’s interpretation)

The various sections that follow represent a chronology of my researches in order of data acquisition. It explains how each set of information was gathered and interpreted and how the interpretation changed as each new piece of information became available.

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