Administration documents of the estate of Josiah of Breightmet, 1791

Josiah of Breightmet died intestate (without making a will) and an order of administration1 was granted to his widow, Alice Phethean of Breightmet, Josiah Phethean of Manchester and Henrietta Phethean of Bolton.
Josiah of Manchester was either the son of Josiah and Alice or was the son of Joseph of Dunham whom Josiah of Breightmet had maintained after his father’s death. Henrietta was one of Joseph of Dunham’s daughters also maintained by Josiah.
The document is signed in the mark of Alice Phethean, and signatures of Josiah Phethean and Henrietta Phethean and dated 22 July 1791. Attached is a comment  “personal effects under one hundred pounds”

1By act of King Charles II entitled “An act for the better settling Intestate estates”
Note: There are some issues over the son Josiah. I have two possible candidates in the family tree. I need to see the original Parish registers to check the names.

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