Josiah Phethean of Dunham Massey 1671-1741

Josiah Phethean was born in 1671 and was employed for over 40 years by the 2nd Earl of Warrington at Dunham Massey in Cheshire, UK. Josiah Phethean”s grave stone can be found in the Parish Church at Bowdon, Cheshire. Until 2002 it was thought that Josiah was the oldest ancestor with the same spelling as the present day, but this has now been shown to be incorrect. I can find no present day descendants of this Josiah. Instead, we all appear to be descended from Josiah”s brother Joseph Phethean. The common ancestor is Josiah and Joseph”s father Joseph Phethean of Brereton who was christened on 10th July 1635 in Brereton Parish Church, Cheshire.
Josiah Phethean of Dunham Massey

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