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A Weaver committed for robbing his employers.

This is the first evidence that I have found for the location of John Phethean and Co’s early business premises in central Bolton. Bullock Street no longer exists but was between Folds Road and Mill Street, running parallel and just west of Goodwin Street. It is just a short distance from Phethean Street, Bolton, which lies between Bury New Road and Bury Old Road

Bolton Chronicle Saturday December 8 1866

Richard Heywood, weaver, Kay Street was brought up at the Borough Court on Saturday, charged with stealing 29 1/2 pounds of candlewick, value 16 shillings, the property of his employers, Messrs. John Phethean and Co, bed quilt and counterpane manufacturers. Mr Hall said the prisoner had been in the employment of Messrs. Phethean for about 12 months. The prosecutors had a warehouse in Haulgh, and a weaving shop in Bullock Street, and it was his duty to fetch candlewick from the warehouse and take it to the shop for the purpose of winding and weaving it. Suspicion of dishonesty had been attached to him for sometime past, and yesterday, Thomas Porter Brierley, the warehouseman, concealed himself in the weaving shop in order to watch his movements, when he saw him take a bundle of candlewick, and to go with it to the Jolly Carters beerhouse, on Folds Road, kept by Mr John Holt. Prisoner there asked permission to leave the weft while he went to see a man who had had a stroke; in the meantime information was given to the police and he was subsequently taken into custody. The prisoner said he was only taking the weft home to wind, but  it was stated that he had no right to do this as he had a winder at the shop and he was therefore committed to the sessions for trial.

Chronology of the Phethean mill at Cawdor Street, Moses Gate, Farnworth

I have carried out an examination of various old Ordnance Survey maps and archive material and have deduced this early chronology of the mills at Moses Gate. There is little evidence of John Phethean’s early business premises in Bolton. The earliest record at present is from 1866 where a weaving shop in Bullock Street, Bolton existed.

1850 – no mills at all except for one in the triangle between Bolton
Road, Egerton St and Gladstone Road

1872 Correspondence submitted to  Farnworth Board regarding bad state of Cawdor Street by J Phethean & Co.  Response by Clerk that the situation would be resolved by paving Cawdor Street. ( Bolton Evening News, Tuesday July 2nd 1872). Presumably by this date the company had a presence in Cawdor Street.

1884 ” A fire of alarming proportions broke out at two o’clock on Saturday morning at the mill of Messrs. Phethean & Sons, Farnworth near Bolton. The fire broke out in the storeroom, which had £10,000 worth of stock in it. This room was gutted, also the spinning room, but the rest of the premises were saved. Fifty spinners are thrown out of work, and damage 0f £20,000 was caused”
Liverpool Mercury, Monday, October 6, 1884; Issue 11462

1891 Egerton Mill standing – located between Egerton St and Thynne St;
un-named mill between Thynne St and Cambell St (Phethean’s Mill?)

1893 as above

1909 Egerton mill seems to have been rebuilt slightly to the west; is now between Phethean St and Thynne St. Phethean St and Thorne St seem to have been built over the site of the older mill (or part of it).

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